Exclusive screenshots of the new browser game MiraMagia

MiraMagia is a free MMORPG developed by Travian, that you can play from your browser without requiring any downloads.

The game invites us to a fantasy world filled with magic, spells, plants, colorful and animated scenarios where you may train dragons and make them your pet.

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In MiraMagia you can play as 4 different characters: Mage, Druid, Mage and Shaman, who learn to perform amazing spells and build your own world where plants grown from simplest to the most exotic.
The game opens the doors of a world where you have a wide range of possibilities, but the main aim will be to plant, grow and harvest your plants and trade them with merchants of the town which you will be greeted with nice rewards, but also must comply with the various tasks you assign visitors to the village in order to level up.

Another interesting feature of the game are the dragons, you can train and feed them to become the most powerful of all. Also you can participate in competitions organized by your community and decorate your village to make it the most beautiful of this magical world.

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