Exclusive interview with the Product Manager of War of the Immortals

Today we present this exclusive interview about the Fantasy MMORPG War of the Immortals with its product manager, Thang Phan.

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Thanks for giving us the opportunity to interview you about War of The Immortals.

First of all, could you introduce yourself to our readers?
My name is Thang Phan and I am the Product Manager for War of the Immortals. I work very closely with our development team to ensure that we publish a game that is running smoothly. This is my sixth year working in the gaming industry and it has been my pleasure to deliver another MMORPG players will really enjoy.

How would you describe War of The Immortals to someone who has never heard about it before?
War of the Immortals is an action-based free-to-play MMORPG that boasts battles of epic scale and engrossing PvP with territory and resource control. The gameplay is part hack ’n slash and part dungeon crawler. Players will view the game from the top down and become engrossed in the environmental detail and fast-paced combat. With a plethora of customization options to build your character, pet upgrades, and eight different classes that cater to a variety of playing styles, there’s something for your traditional tank to your all around damage dealer.
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Could you give us a sneak peek of the backstory? Where does the story take place in the Immortals saga and what can we expect to see in the world of War of The Immortals?
After the Great War, the leaders of the last reaming human city discovered a great hidden power within their city, Atlantis. The elders used this power to raise the city out of the sea and away from the monsters. Years passed and new alliances were made, but a war started to brew once again. Fearsome and dangerous monsters started to siege Atlantis and its allies. By calling upon the great powers of Odin, the heroes of old were resurrected to help fight this battle. And, this is where War of the Immortals begins its story.

Could you tell us what the main features Of War of the Immortals are?
War of the Immortals offers one of the most extensive upgrade systems for characters, gear and pet companions. Detailed customization options allow players to tailor the game to the style that best suits them. In addition, upgrading gear based attributes and adding additional bonuses to gear look fantastic and truly allow the user to conform to his or her equipment.

The PvP mechanics in War of the Immortals are also quite intense and fully equipped with highly competitive PvP battles, customization options for domains, world PvP, and even territory wars.
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The game features 8 character classes. What kind of character progression will War of The Immortals offer?
The eight character classes consist of some of the traditional roles in an MMO including a tank, healer, ranged DPS, and melee DPS. However, War of the Immortals also offers some unconventional classes such as a debuffing magic based melee fighter. While there are many classes to choose from, players will experience an epic single player story with MMO based events. This really allows players to immerse themselves in the world created for them in the game.

What about character customization? Are there many ways to make each player’s avatar unique?
Definitely! Each player can choose from a set of different hairstyles, faces, and avatar images during the character creation process. Also while in game, they can obtain additional looks or costumes to further customize how they are viewed by other players. Players can also further customize their look with gear upgrades and equipment bonuses.

What can you tell us about PVP? How does it work in War of the Immortals?
PvP becomes available at level 50 and only in various zones depending upon the color of the zone. Green zones are safe areas, where PvP is not permitted. White zones are neutral zones, where players will be penalized for attacking players who have chosen not to flag themselves for PvP. All other color zones are arena zones for full-on PvP.

There are also larger scale PVP battles involving clans and factions called Territory Wars. As guilds level up, they are encouraged to fight for land to gain exclusive rights to obtain material to upgrade their clans. Factions and clans can also expect additional rewards for controlling certain parts of the world map.
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Pets seem to have an important place in the game. I’ve heard that War of the Immortals has an interesting pet system. What could you tell us about that feature?
Pets can be acquired from quests or by capturing one of the many monsters in the game. After you’ve slain quite a number of monsters, a version of that monster will appear for you to capture. Once you’ve acquired your pet, there are several ways to upgrade, refine, and boost your pet’s stats. Some of the upgrade mechanics include the following:

• Pet Fusion: Allows the player to fuse with their pet, granting the player stat bonuses that correspond with the Pet’s stats.
• Pet Focus: Allows the player to upgrade their pets by using the souls of monsters within the game.
• Pet Melding: Allow the players who are melding their pets together to receive a pet that is considerably better than the one they are using to meld with.
• Pet Rebirth: Allows the player to modify the quality of their pet and generate one that is better than the one they originally obtained.

What about the item shop? Will it be necessary to purchase items to level up in a convenient way in the game?
Players need not purchase cash shop based items in order to level up. There are many built-in mechanics that will reward players with increased EXP to explore the game just as efficiently as players who purchase items. In fact, there are different ways for players to obtain many of the cash shop items through quests and defeating monsters. Additionally, players can earn several currencies to get reward items found in the market place.

From your point of view, what makes this game more fun than others?
The customization options in-game really allows players to feel in control and give players an unparallel experience in customizing their avatars, gear, pets, and more. For example, as players level and obtain new gear, they have many ways to evolve with them.

We hope that players find the story and gameplay in War of the Immortals to be a very unique and satisfying experience.

Would you like to add something?
I’d like to inform players about the ZEN trade system in War of the Immortals that will create an even better in-game experience. This system allows players to trade-in game coins or gold for ZEN and vice versa. Therefore, players who have in-game coins can have access to marketplace items without needing to purchase ZEN!

This is just one example of how we strive to create a balance and enjoyable experience for all gamers. War of the Immortals is free-to-play, so give it a try and visit our website and forums for the latest news and events at woi.perfectworld.com!

Thanks for your time.

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