Exclusive interview with Mark Hill, Producer of Rusty Hearts

Today we present this exclusive interview about Rusty Hearts with its producer, Mark Hill.

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Thanks for giving us the opportunity to interview you about Rusty Hearts.

First of all, could you introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi, my name is Mark Hill, and I’m the Producer of Rusty Hearts.

How would you describe Rusty Hearts to someone who has not heard about it before?

At its core, Rusty Hearts is an online multiplayer hack n’ slash brawler. That type of gameplay mixed with the very cool cel-shaded anime art style result in a very unique game. Think about a mix between Castle Crashers or the classic arcade TMNT brawlers set in a Castlevania or Devil May Cry type of world.

For how long has Rusty Hearts been in development?

Development on Rusty Hearts began in the Spring of 2008, so it has been about 3 years so far.

As a curiosity, why is the game called Rusty Hearts?

Rusty Hearts alludes to the story arch of the main characters in the game as they become heroes with larger and significant roles. They start as mercenaries that fight only for money and their own survival. But as the game progresses, they become involve in a much larger battle between Lord Vlad, an evil and murderous vampire, and are charged with protecting those that need their help.

Can you talk us about the beat’em’up combat? We understand it’s similar to the Devil May Cry series.

Absolutely. If you’re familiar with DMC style combat, then you know that it’s all about combos, racking up chain kills, and basically killing tons of enemies in style. With that, you’ll have a good idea of what Rusty Hearts combat is about.

The RPG elements in the game really give the combat a new depth. As you level up your character, you gain access to tons of new and upgraded skills. It never gets old with endless discoveries of new ways to defeat the legions of enemies.

Between how many characters or classes are we going to be able to choose?

At launch, there will be three playable characters. While they aren’t traditional MMORPG-style classes, they each have a unique backstory and different abilities that create a balance in the game. For example, Angela is the only character that has both ranged and healing skills, however, she is a little slower than the other characters.

Another character, Tude, is all about the fast and furious action. His attacks are all melee based, and although he may not deal as much damage as Angela, he makes up for this with his superior speed.

What will we find in the world of Rusty Hearts? Talk us about the lore.

The story of Rusty Hearts revolves around the ancient battle between vampires, humans, human-vampire hybrids, and other deadly creatures. During the battle against Lord Vlad, the main antagonist, players are forced to choose a side and experience some major twists and turns.

All of this occurs in a beautifully cel-shaded, anime-style environment where players will hack and slash their way through dangerous dungeons, fight countless monsters and level up their characters and gear. As you progress through the game, you’ll get to customize your characters with unique costumes and have the ability to teach your character an arsenal of devastating skills.

It all sounds very serious, and it is, but the Rusty Hearts universe is also very humorous and can be extremely funny and quirky at times. It’s a lot of fun for the players to experience.

What can you say about the system requirements? What are the minimum PC specifications to play Rusty Hearts?

Rusty Hearts doesn’t require extremely high system specs. At a minimum, the game will run with the following specs: a processor such as the Pentium 4 1.4 GHz, 1GB of RAM and a video card with 128 MB of RAM. To get the best experience possible, we recommend that you use an Intel Core2 Duo 2.5 GHz, 2GB of RAM and a video card with 256MB of RAM.

Any date for the Closed Beta? And launch date?

The closed beta is scheduled to launch on July 27 and the open beta is tentatively set for Q3. We’ve partnered with OciGrup to distribute beta keys so get your beta key now! In the mean time, check out the official Rusty Hearts’ website.

From your point of view, why this game more fun than others?

Being able to fight through a dungeon, collect loot, gear, and gold, as well as level up alongside your friends mixed combined with the very fast-paced combat makes Rusty Hearts stand out. Each battle is fun and exciting, and no two playthroughs are ever the same.

Also, the characters and their backgrounds, the interactions with all of the game’s NPCs, and the development of the story will have players totally engrossed in the universe.

Would you like to add something?

One aspect that I would like to highlight about Rusty Hearts is the high level of customization both for your character and for your own gameplay preferences.

There are hundreds of costume combinations, both in full-body suits and individual pieces and an infinite amount of gear to equip.

While the keyboard controls are fully customizable, Rusty Hearts can also be played with any PC gamepad, which benefit players who feel more comfortable playing with a controller.

Thanks you so much. It’s always a pleasure.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you all in Rusty Hearts!

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