Exclusive giveaway of 500 packs of items for Heroes in the Sky

Heroes in the Sky with F2P.com, is giving away 500 exclusive packs of items worldwide less DE, CH and AT.

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To get your pack you only have to Create an account at Heroes in the Sky and log in. Then click My Account in the top right and select Cupon on the right navigation bar and input the Coupon Key, that we give to you.

And finally make sure you have downloaded, installed the game for which the coupon is for.

Description of the pack:
Magazine 7D - Larger Maximum Secondary Weapon Ammo for 7 days.
Durability Protect 7D - Protect your gear from breaking down for 7 days.
Improved Reload I 7D - Speed up your crafts weapon reloading for 7 days.
Coolant 7D - Reduce the rate of engine overheating for 7 days.
Reduced Skill Time 7D - Quicker Skill cool downs for 7 days.

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