Exclusive Giveaway for Aika Global

Aika Global is offering this exclusive Giveaway with F2P.com offering this 800 codes of 5 especial items.

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Because we, in Aika Global would like to extend our deepest appreciation to all gamers who are consistently playing and loving the game, we would like to give our wonderful gamers a whole bunch of exclusive Giveaway codes that come in 5 Different Items:

1. Gold Bars (100 codes)
2. Pran Items (150 codes)
3. Mount + Mount Saddle (50 codes)
4. Portal Scrolls (250 codes)
5. Tears of Aika (250 codes)

To get your items you only have to get a code right here, and send the code to Mail Inquiry (inside your acount, enter on the support page) with your Character Name, Account name if you don’t have Aika Global account add one HERE.
The items will be inserted in your inventory in 24 hours, upon sending the code via Mail Inquiry.

Important : Only one (1) coupon is allowed per Account.
Dates : Codes are valid until July 30, 2011.

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