Exclusive at Gamescom 2013: Brick-Force 2.0

Infernum invited us to show us the new iteration of Brick-Force along with the new content patch called Season 3 Bricksaga. Pierre Poinsenet and Edouard Beaulieu guided us through the presentation where we are showed what’s new in the game.

I’m gonna start saying that the game has changed a lot. They have realized from the feedback they got that players wanted something different from the micro-transactions model so they changed it, now players got what they wanted and they are enjoying even more the game.

Players can get access to the same content and items by paying or just by playing, the difference is "time is money" so those who have money and don’t have the time can get the same as those who have the time and are not willing to spend money on it. Still the game will remain balanced since everything is level locked now and nobody can buy super-high level weapons with real money.

Season 3 is planned for September of this year and will feature a fantasy theme update, adding  new cubes, outfits, crossbows, wands, and other fairy things, it will also come with several other changes to the game systems specially the character progression and the micro-transactions mechanics to further improve balance in the free to play model.

On the long run they’re working a completely revamp of every single system and mechanic, adding a lot of cool features such as ammo spawning on the maps, picking up weapons from corpses, new consumables, weapons, and much more. All of these will see the light in the Season 4 which is expected to be finished during this winter.

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