Eudemons presents a new expansion: Edge of Night

TQ Digital's popular free-to-play MMO, Eudemons Online presents the new Vampire class this June, jumping out of the shadows with the release of the new expansion Edge of Night.

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Dubbed "Edge of Night", the expansion promises a massive change to Eudemons Online and its world of Cronus, thanks to the introduction of the new class and its impact on current game dynamics.

The fourth class to enter the Eudemons universe is going to change the equilibrium enjoyed by the current classes inhabiting the world of Cronus: the Mage, Warrior, and Paladin; the Vampires have been hiding in the shadows for many centuries, gradually increasing in power and honing their skills.
But now, with a new darkness spreading across Cronus that threatens to consume even them, the vampires are forced to show themselves and join the fight.

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