Eudemons Online is celebrating the release of its latest update giving away 1000 Item Pack Giveaway

To celebrate the new expansion of Eudemons Online, “Trumpet of the Legionnaire”, TQ Digital with,is giving away free gift packs.
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Trumpet of the Legionnaire will be focusing on the magical prowess of the “Legion” Eudemons. On December 22nd, players must heed the call to arms as the Legion War rages on. Create your account today.

The gift pack contains below items:
2 Double EXP Potions
1 Quick HP Potion Pack
3 Random Portals
2 Town Portals
1 Star Blessing
5 Pieces of Elite Equipment
1 Star Blessing
1 Eudemon Pack
1 Lev 70 Super Weapon
1 Eudemon Clover
1 Eudemon Sealer
1 Moon Blessing
1 Eudemon Crystal
Legion Resource Pack: 10 Earth Elements, 10 Air Elements, 10 Fire Elements and 10 Water Elements
a Moon Blessing, Gold Bag 5, 3 Eudemon Clovers, 3 Double EXP Potions, 2 Memory Eyes, 2 EXP Balls, 2 Eudemon Locks and a Manderine (30 days)

Duration of the event: Dec. 22nd to Jan 5th
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To redeem your Coupon Code register and download the game from here. Then login the game and create your character and go to our event page to submit your serial number and character information.

Finally log into the game and grab your gift from the Prize Legate Lorraine(Cronus 214,607)or click PATH FINDING choose OTHERS then click “Prize Legate” to head there.

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