Eudemons Online: “Trumpet of the Legionnaire” has been launched

TQ Digital has launched the new expansion “Trumpet of the Legionnaire” to for its fantasy MMORPG Eudemons Online. An all-new journey will begin for each Legion, just in time for the holidays. A new system, new pets, weapons and all-new quests are online now. To celebrate the release of the expansion, we are giving away some gift packs full of useful items to use in-game.

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With the new Taurus server now live, this will offer a fun, fresh journey on a new server, or players may join a powerful Legion on their current server.

Well-known for their innovative pet raising system, Eudemons Online is now introducing Legion pets with the new expansion. Deriving from the five ancient Chinese elements, the Legion Eudemons contribute their mighty force to the Legion War. The addition of the Legion mount will also now allow up to four players to travel simultaneously together on it. Legion PK is now more intense as well, with the addition of the new soul-imbued weapons. Players will literally be able to see them shine during PK!

The Legion Shrine is the new system that will connect every Legion member together by requiring them to combine their efforts and work together. Leveling up the Legion Shrines will allow more Eudemons to be summoned for your Legion’s war efforts, requiring everyone to work together to complete the new quests and triumph in massive battles to help achieve the same goal.

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