Ether Saga presents a new chapter: Odyssey

Perfect World Entertainment Inc., has announced today Odyssey , a new chapter in the Ether Saga Online story presents an upgraded game engine, a new pet training system, an improved UI, and a plethora of new content.

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"Ether Saga Odyssey highlights a pet training system which allows players to capture, train, and upgrade their pets to create stronger breeds, providing an atmosphere to enjoy free-form wrestle and play, players get to create different looking pets and even transform into the monster that they defeat. With the game's intuitive game play systems, a large variety of unique features, new areas to discover and advanced skills to learn, we are excited to bring a truly one of a kind experience for gamers of all skill sets." said Aaron Potter, Product Manager for Ether Saga Odyssey.

New features of Ether Saga Odissey:

- 4 Distinct Races with 8 Advanced Classes - Each race has a unique look, mission and play style
- Character Customization - Customize the facial features and fashion of your character, choose from 9 different crafting and gathering skills as well as a variety of professions with skills ranging from forging armor and weapons, concocting potions, or creating items for your pets
- Ease of Access and Play/Improved UI - Additional visual aids and integrated Navigation System with auto-route feature for quick and easy routing to various locations and quest objectives
- Upgraded Game Engine - See polished art style as well as catchy, vibrant, and high quality graphics in concept art, screenshots, videos, and more
- Mini Games - Play a variety of fun casual games simultaneously as you complete quests
- Pet Training System - With hundreds of pets to capture and tame, summon and train them to battle alongside with you while create stronger breeds with new abilities
- Monster Card System - Collect monster cards, transform into monsters as well as gain access to new attributes and skills

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