Ether Saga has launched its latest chapter Ether Saga Odyssey

Perfect World Entertainment Inc., has launched the latest chapter in the Ether Saga story, Odyssey, is now live in North America.

To celebrate the successful launch of Ether Saga Odyssey , players will get to participate in launch events and receive exciting in-game prizes including pets, mounts, fashion items and more.

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"After many months of hard work, we're extremely proud to see Ether Saga Odyssey live and offer content that is safe and fun for kids to play, yet also exciting and challenging for players of all ages," said Aaron Potter, Product Manager for Ether Saga Odyssey. "We especially thank our fans for their support as we continue to build this remarkable Ether Saga universe. The feedback we received from Ether Saga fans who have been highly anticipating this moment has helped us create a truly one of a kind experience for gamers of all skill sets."

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