Episode 3: Rise of the Boids the new content update for Black Prophecy has arrived today

Black Prophecy has presented its newest content update, “Episode 3: Rise of the Boids”. The Boids are a robotic race who have been waiting eons for a mysterious, universe-altering event to occur.

Though the Boids continue to wait in ritual, players of the epic space combat MMO no longer have to wait for many widely requested features, including a level cap increase to 50, new story missions, one new warzone, a new open world sector for players level 40 and up, 11 new job missions and a brand new PvE raid system.

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Along with this major addition, various tweaks have been made to a number of areas, including tutorial mode, missions and mission debriefings, along with improvements to the HUD and mission tracking.

With all of these tweaks and new features, “Episode 3: Rise of the Boids” refreshes the overall Black Prophecy experience. While the Boids continue to await the universe-altering events, players will be immediately thrilled withthe alterations made to their roles within the Black Prophecy universe.

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