Epic VII Part 3: The Trial the upcoming expansion of Rappelz is arriving in november

Gala Networks Europe, has presented the next expansion for its Fantasy MMORPG Rappelz, named Epic VII Part 3: The Trial that is going to be launched on all European servers in November with new and long awaited content.

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The expansion comes with the long awaited Master Class quest for all players who reach level 148 or higher. The Trial will also see the implementation of the first Rappelz Solo Instanced Dungeon: Vulcanus for players above level 30 who want to successfully finish a dungeon without being in a group. The spawning monsters in the dungeon will match the player’s level so everyone will be challenged accordingly. After clearing the 3 floors of the dungeon, players gain access to the 4th and last floor, the chamber of Vulcanus, an ancient inhabitant from Rondo that was cursed and transformed into a hideous monster.

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Further to that the new Rappelz expansion will bring a new creature, extending the total amount to 29. “The Cube” is a golem formed of pure mana crystals that has been brought to life with magic and ancient mysterious technology but without any sense of empathy, just pure instinct. This special and rare creature will support all heroes with its variable tank, magical or buff skills.
In addition to that the Creature Farm menu will be changed for more convenient use, the User Interface will be revamped with improved World and Mini Maps, character display change, quest marks, character and skill windows, unique skills and many more to come.

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