En Masse Opens the Case on “Claw & Order” Event

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En Masse Opens the Case on “Claw & Order” Event

En Masse Opens the Case on “Claw & Order” Murder Mystery Community Event for Tera

TERA and Murder Mystery Fans Hunt for Clues in this Interactive Event Running through May 24

TERA Claw&Order Chapter 01 Lockheart's Daughter En Masse Entretainment video

En Masse Entertainment, a player-driven publisher focused on delivering great games and great service, is excited to kick off a brand new interactive murder mystery event for their community, “Claw & Order”! *DUN DUN* The investigation, which is currently under way and will conclude on May 24, takes place outside of the game world, allowing fans of TERA and murder mysteries to easily follow along in the hunt for clues in the investigation of the death of Annalie Lockheart and track down her killer.

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Source: En Masse Entretainment - TERA

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