En Masse Entertainment launches The Guilded Age for the US version of TERA

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En Masse Entertainment launches The Guilded Age for the US version of TERA

En Masse Entertainment has released ‘The Guilded Age’, the latest update for their MMORPG TERA. Available now, The Guilded Age update focuses on adding new features for guilds, including a progression system complete with a full complement of guild-wide skills to unlock. Players can put their guild skills to use in a brand new weekly event that pits guilds against each other in battle for control over the capital city of Velika. The update also debuts new flying dragon mounts.

Guilds interested in demonstrating their combat prowess can participate in the new weekly guild battle, Civil Unrest: Velika. In preparation for the event, guilds construct their own guild tower within a designated zone surrounding the capital city of Velika. During the event, which occurs weekly on Saturdays at 7PM PT, guilds will face­-off in all-out battle, aiming to destroy the towers of other guilds while protecting their own. The guild with the last tower standing when time runs out will be crowned the victor, earning their guild a jackpot of taxes collected from all merchant NPC transactions over the previous week.

“While the new guild features included in The Guilded Age update will enhance the way that players play together in the MMORPG world of TERA, we are constantly looking to the future,” says Matt Denomme, Product Manager on TERA.

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