ELOA Launches Today

The waiting is over. ELOA: Elite Lord of Alliance officially launches today. The open beta phase of Webzen's free to play action hack 'n' slash ends and the anime-inspired game moves into its final version. The official launch brings in the in-game shop with a variety of items available for purchase, including appearance-changing character costumes, HP/MP potions or wings.

If you don't know anything about this title, you may to check out our recently published first impressions HERE and our first look HERE.

To celebrate the release, ELOA will hold a launch event where players will be able to fill up a Monster Journal by defeating different monsters. Those who fill up the journal between November 24th and December 8th will receive Claire's Chika Box, granting them a chance to acquire a unique pet.

Furthermore, we already have some info about the upcoming patches in December. Next month, players will be able to explore new areas with new quests and a new raid dungeon in conjunction with an increased level cap.

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Source: Webzen Press Release.

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