Edern Eternal launched the Reawakening Update


Aeria Games has released the most monumental update for its free-to-play fantasy MMORPG Eden Eternal, which revamps and updates many aspects of the game-including a graphical overhaul and UI improvements.

Eden Eternal Reawakening_Updated SceneryEden Eternal Reawakening_Mysterious Armor
The game will look more beautiful than ever thanks to the overhaul made to movement and casting animations, lighting effects, character models and more. The interface received a nice lifting too.


Eden Eternal Reawakening_Driven Snow Colt copyEden Eternal Reawakening_Before and AfterEden Eternal Reawakening_Abracapaca

 There is also a new Loyalty Shop where you can spend Loyalty Points and buy crafting materials, blueprints, stat boosts and vanity items such as costumes and mounts.

Source of information: Aeria Games press release

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