Eden Eternal starts its Open Beta

Aeria Games, has announced today that its MMORPG Eden Eternal has entered Open Beta testing.

Record-breaking participation during CB indicates that Eden Eternal is poised to become Aeria Games’ most popular title to date.
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New content in Open Beta:

Level Cap Increase – We’ve increased the level cap from 40 to 50 for Open Beta! Further boost your skills and gear and take advantage of new quests and capabilities.
Two New Classes – The level cap increase brings a new Melee DPS class and a new Magic DPS class into the player’s reach. Meet the mystical Shaman and the mighty Blade Dancer!
Six New Dungeons – Take on level 41-48 dungeons, including new instances for parties of 5! Explore the unpredictable depths where you’ll encounter new, ferocious bosses guarding exciting, rare treasures.
Win 1 Million AP – All players who reach level 30 before July 1 are eligible to win one million AP! For more details visit the Eden Eternal website.

Experience Eden Eternal’s eye-catching, anime-inspired visuals while battling robust monsters, freely swapping classes, and building customized player towns. Discover the plethora of intricate in-game systems and innovative features that captured the imagination of closed beta players. Eden Eternal boasts a stunning, expansive world that exudes style and charm. Players must restore order to the citizens of a troubled region as they work to uncover their own mysterious origin.
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