Eden Eternal presents its character classes with a video

Aeria Games, has released a new video unveiling 5 character classes from Eden Eternal.

Eden Eternal offers a total of 15 character classes (12 will be available during Beta). One of the game’s most unique features is the player’s ability to freely switch between classes.
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Begin as a warrior or magician and then unlock additional classes as you progress through the game.

Class system features:

· Branch & Class Skills – Each branch has a set of unique skills available to every class in the branch. Use your branch skills, and/or take advantage of each class’s highly specialized skills.

· Branched Class System – Each class falls under one of five traditional MMORPG branches: Melee DPS, Magic DPS, Ranged DPS, Tanks and Healer/Support.

· Class Traits & Bonuses – Each class possesses a valuable combat trait. Other unique class perks include damage bonuses for their preferred weapon and pet-summoning capabilities.

· Freely Swap Classes – Tired of playing as a hack ‘n’ slash Warrior? In need of a healer for your party? No problem with Eden Eternal’s daring new class switching system!

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