Eden Eternal has launched its newest content update that comes with a new class, maps and a increased level cap

Aeria Games, has released the its latest content update for its free-to-play MMORPG, Eden Eternal.

The new content update includes the all-new Ranger class, an increased level cap, new maps and dungeons, and upgraded PvP content.

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Eden Eternal has expanded its vibrant world to include the ranks of the agile warrior known as the Ranger, whose deadly aim can easily disable opponents from a distance. With a fury of high DPS ranged attacks at its disposal, including the Meteor Shower and the Arrow of Fear, this powerful class can stealthily take out its opponents from afar by bow, artillery gun or even eagle. The Ranger class’s unique ability to summon the assistance of the mighty Hunters eagle makes it a lethal new addition to the Eden Eternal universe.

In addition to the Ranger class, an increased level cap of 65, new maps, Witchcraft Forest and Shiver Peak, new dungeons, and new PvP enhancements are coming with this update.

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