Eden Eternal has launched a new content update featuring new races, extended character creation and the alpaca coin system

Aeria Games, has launched the latest content update for the popular F2P MMORPG, Eden Eternal, which features a host of new items to further extend the game’s already robust offerings.

The new features include two new races, Halfkin and Ursun, expanded character creation and the all new Alpaca coin system. Eden Eternal now features a total of 6 playable races with the ability to change classes, customizable player guild towns and intense dungeon combat.

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Meet the New Races: Halfkin and Ursun

- The Halfkin race is cute and mischievous but has the great ability to embroider enchantments for the elusive fame trophies in-game. This youthful children-like race, possess the skills of being shoemakers and cordwainers.

- Several hundred years ago, all Ursun lived under the rule of the great King, but a struggle for the throne divided the kingdom into two warring factions. After failing to conquer the throne the Ursun made their way to the lowlands of Eden Eternal. The Ursun’s are a bear-like race whose specialty is known to help enhance class-specific bonuses by crafting class glyphs.

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Further adding to the diverse characters found in Eden Eternal, players also now have the ability to create more than three characters on one given account. The limit has been raised to six characters per account allowing players to create and play each of the races in the game.

The addition of the all new Alpaca Coin system serves as a new quest mechanic and allows players to collect special Alpaca Coins to redeem items that include rare and Aeria Point items. The Alpaca is the signature animal in Eden Eternal and since the beginning has served as loyal mounts.

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