Eden Eternal begins its closed beta

Aeria Games, has announced the Closed Beta launch of Eden Eternal.

Eden Eternal blends gorgeous anime-style graphics with an extensive array of exciting MMORPG elements to bring players an unrivaled online gaming experience.

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Eden Eternal’s most highly anticipated features include the unprecedented ability to freely swap between 15 unique character classes, an in-depth player town system complete with useful merchant NPCs, the ability to customize your wardrobe using countless dyes, and challenging dungeons for those willing to brave the world’s greatest dangers for rare treasures.

The game also offers an immersive storyline that carries players through an unforgettable series of challenging quests as they work to fulfill their heroic destiny.

Aeria Games has scheduled dozens of exciting events to take place during Closed Beta:

-Exclusive CB Rewards – Players will be rewarded with a treasure trove of exclusive items for participating in Eden Eternal’s CB. Visit the CB Rewards Page for a full list of available goodies.

-Daily Events & Ongoing Contests – The Eden Eternal community can look forward to prize giveaways, free CB Item Mall purchases, item drop and EXP events, monster spawns, and more! Check out the CB Events Page for the complete schedule of activities.

-Final Day Festivities – CB players can also take advantage of triple drop rate and experience bonuses, among other blowout final day events. Save your best costume for the CB group photo.

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