Eclipse Expansion Rises Over Perfect World


Eclipse is the name of Perfect World's Sixth Expansion, which will be released on December 16 introducing to the game a new race, two new classes, a new starting zone, new instances, a new random instance system, new rank 8 equipment and interface and quest optimizations.


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Eclipse expansion tells the advent of the new ethereal Nigthshade player race, descendants of the Reapers and thus the god Pan Gu himself. With their arrival comes two new classes, the saber-wielding Duskblade and the scythe-equipped Stormbringer.

With this new expansion, players will now start in the beautiful new region of the Celestial Vale. As the starting zone for all players moving forward, Celestial Vale will be a vibrant and busy region.


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Through the all-new Random Instance System, each time players venture into one of the new dungeons, the map, scenes, monsters, and bosses, will be randomized, creating all new engaging content. On top of all that, rewards earned can be used to upgrade the all new level 8 gear, advanced order gear, and Level 16 weapons.

Eclips will also come with all sorts of optimizations, including the interface. The beginner guide has been completely overhauled, along with the inventory interface, and most of the UI elements such as how you obtain new skills!

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