Easter arrives to GodsWar Online

GodsWar Online invite its players to celebrate Easter in floppy-eared style with a very fun event. Explore the Easter Isles to find the Easter Bunnies and tame some other cute rabbits for your chance to earn a bouncing bounty of rewards.

The event begins April 19th and ends April 30th. From 7:00 PM until 11:00 PM each day, Easter Envoy NPCs in the main cities will help you get to the Easter Isles region.

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Generous NPCs located on Isle 3, Isle 6 and Isle 9 will give a reward to anybody who finds them. The NPC on Isle 9 will also give a bonus reward to the first five players who locate it, so get ready to hop in and claim yours!

Upon entering the Easter Isles, each player will receive 10 Wooden Tools. Certain bunnies in the region can be tamed with these tools. Once tamed, they will give out Easter Eggs you can exchange with the Easter Envoy for Exp Pills.

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