Earthrise has revealed its further development plans

Masthead Studios, has released its expanded development roadmap detailing upgrades and enhancements that will soon be implemented within its MMORPG, Earthrise.

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New features for integration in April and May of 2011 include:

Resurrection mechanics – The first feature chosen in February by the Earthrise community as part of the “Choose your game feature” official forum.
Item and vehicle painting – Crafters will be able to produce paint and sell/give it to other players so they can personalize their armor, weapons and vehicles.
Quest hints on the minimap – Players will have a clear indicator on the minimap as to where they need to go to work on their quest task.
Parties will share battle points, levels of contribution and karma from a killed enemy.
Guild diplomacy – Guilds will be able to declare war on other guilds and build allies. Guilds at war with each other will be flagged red and the affiliation of their members will not change if they kill each other. Guilds that are allies with other guilds will be considered one entity and all mechanics will work as if they were one guild.

Additional enhancements include:

Improved chat window with customizable tabs, font and messages.
Friends/ignore list.
Improvements to the monster AI.
Force attack toggle on and off.
Resurrection points will have an affiliation.
Inverse kinematics of the main characters.
Improved shadows.
Continued client and server performance improvements.

“We are very excited about the new items that we are currently finalizing, and appreciate all of the constructive feedback that we consistently receive from our dedicated community,” said Atanas Atanasov, producer of Earthrise and director of Masthead Studios. “We will continue to seek player input to conduct future developments and could not be more energized about the future of Earthrise.”

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