–E3 2011– APB Reloaded reveals lots of new features

GamersFirst has unveiled a host of new features for APB Reloaded currently in open beta testing.

During this years’ Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, GamersFirst released details on upcoming matchmaking system changes, the new Clan Warfare player-versus-player (PvP) combat system, the new asylum district and the new racing district all targeted to be in-game late this year.

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New District: Racing
For players that want to take a break from the fast-paced gun battles of San Paro, the Racing district offers a different kind of explosive action. Players will be able to jump into their own custom-designed vehicles and race head-to-head in a variety of death-race style challenges, where they can win races while blowing up their opponents in creative ways. Designing and customizing the most effective death-race car have never been this much fun.

New District: The Asylum
Late in the year the team will add two new district types to San Paro’s three current districts. First up is a close-quarters combat district with a new mission mechanic called the Asylum, an abandoned facility just outside the city limits at the center of a raging battle between Criminals and Enforcers. While Criminals want to repurpose the area as a nightly rave spot to strengthen the crime factions, the Enforcers are focused on shutting it down and using it as a staging point for limiting criminal activity in the neighboring Paro City, using any force necessary.

New Gameplay Mode: Clan Warfare
One of the first changes will be the addition of the Clan Warfare playmode, which pits between eight and 20 clan members against enemy clans in ranked clan death-matches taking place in designated Clan Districts, where the goal is to reach the top of the clan ladder and dominate the city clan rankings. The Clan Warfare system turns Criminals and Enforcers into modern-day gladiators fighting for supremacy, and acts as a nice complement to the pick-up group-style” 4 versus 4 matches played in the normal open world districts, for those who want larger instant-action clan-based gameplay.

Updated Matchmaking System
Going hand-in-hand with the recently released skill-based rating system, the upcoming changes to the matchmaking system will use an improved “quality-score” system to find the best possible matches. In addition, the new district recommendation system will slot players into districts based on average skill rating. The end result is a balanced, powerful PvP match system that reduces the chances of gamers being grossly outmatched, and provides constant well-balanced games for hours on end.

“Continuing the ‘wide open communication’ policy we have with our community, this roadmap hints at completely new ways of playing the game,” said Bjorn Book-Larsson, Chief Operating Officer of GamersFirst and CEO of Reloaded Productions Ltd. “APB Reloaded is a player conflict-driven MMO, so while the original open district missions with four-player groups was a good starting game mechanic, adding large scale ranked clan fights and completely new mechanics like racing enhances the game’s long term appeal and also helps it reach a wider audience. The improved matchmaking system will also provide a better experience for players of all levels.”

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