Duty of Sentinel’s closed beta receives a new update

Duty of Sentinel's closed beta has received a new content update that adds a new map named Ghostroar Wilderness, a new legendary hero named Centaur Warchief, and other changes which are listed below:

  • Level cap rises to 50

  • Added the "live or die" level where you can get mystery items

  • Added 10 new dungeons

  • Added a cooling time reminder

  • Added the chance to get stamina in the dungeons

  • Added a daily stamina reward in the Arena

  • Doubled  the amount of rum (up to 40) that you can get in the Casino Big Sale

  • Unsocketing gems will cost coins instead of stamina

Duty of Sentinel screenshot (5) Duty of Sentinel screenshot (1)

 “We’re excited to see so many people fall in love with Duty of Sentinel, like we did” said Alex in smile, the cofounder of Duty of Sentinel Studios, “We still have so many new ideas that we want  to put into the game, so there will be updates based on a weekly basis. Just can’t wait to share with our dearest fans.

Source of information: Duty of Sentinel Studios press release

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One Comment - "Duty of Sentinel’s closed beta receives a new update"

  1. kvothe0153 March 20, 2014 at 2:41 AM -

    This is such a dota ripoff it ain’t even funny anymore. Centaur warchief SERIOUSLY?

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