Durango Launching this Fall

Durango Launching this Fall


Nexon's new Open World MMORPG for mobile devices, Durango, will launch worldwide this Fall. The publisher has just announced it along with the E3 2017 trailer, which you can watch below.

Developed by What! Studio, this new game takes players to a primitive alternate world inhabited by dinosaurs. They will have to explore and survive across the dangerous wilderness, banding together to fight carnivorous dinosaurs and build settlements. But dinosaurs are more than enemies, they can be tamed and trained.

“Durango raises the bar for persistent and massive open-world games on mobile devices,” said Lawrence Koh, General Manager, Nexon M. “What! Studio has created a rich and dynamic experience for players to truly become pioneers amongst dinosaurs, allowing them to shape the world, events and story through social gameplay and cooperative and competitive in-game events.”

The game uses a procedurally generated world building system that provides with an infinite number of locations.

Watch the trailer:

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