Dungeon Empires has received a updated graphics interface

Dungeon Empires the innovative mixture of dungeon building and raiding MMO, of Gamigo, has been developed much further in the past few months and now has received a big visual and technical development update
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Almost all areas of the game have been edited and optimized. The most important and also the most easily noticeable change is the updated graphics interface. A number of core elements of the game, such as the action points system and balancing, have also been reworked.

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Players will no longer be navigating around in an abstract world in Dungeon Empires. A highly detailed world map has been integrated instead, providing a much better overview of the different levels of difficulty.
The system of action points, which regulated how often dungeons could be raided, is now a thing of the past. Now the hero character's health points alone determine how often a player can raid other dungeons. Other important improvements of the game mechanics include balancing, adjusting hero and creature skills as well as a number of bug fixes.

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