Dreamland Online will release in November!

Dreamland Online will be ready to go in November! Watch as dreams come alive in this exciting new side-scrolling 3D MMO. The sharp 3D graphics take fuzzy memories of side-scrolling classics like Contra, and bring it into HD for the 21st century, is a 3D side-scrolling, anime-style free-to-play MMORPG set to wow players as they plunge into a world of fantasies spun from the wildest fancies of the mind.
Click image for larger version. Name: Bandit.jpg Views: 166 Size: 119.8 KB ID: 559Click image for larger version. Name: Assassin.jpg Views: 163 Size: 120.5 KB ID: 560Click image for larger version. Name: Gladiator.jpg Views: 167 Size: 135.3 KB ID: 558

Here you have the first glimpse of its 3 classes, soon they will start they alpha test so check its official site to kee yourself up to date!

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