Dragonica celebrates Halloween

gPotato EU has announced the launch of a colourful Halloween Update for Dragonica. The update will see Dragonica’s vibrant world of Dragotaka being decorated with sinister pumpkins, guillotines and scary monsters.

Furthermore, a Log-In Event will take place throughout Halloween, in which all players will receive awesome and exclusive free items, just for logging into the game.
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From today, everyone will be invited to join Dragonica’s celebration of the year’s spookiest festival in a glamorous masquerade themed update. Chic baroque dresses and suits will be available, so players can enjoy the amazing new duo emoticon, the Waltz, in proper fashion. This allows players to dance as couples in a traditional waltz fashion, while playing the fitting music and making your character a star at any Halloween party.
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The most appealing part of Halloween is of course Trick or Treat, and in the European version of Dragonica, Trick or Treating is taken very seriously. Therefore, every day for the whole Halloween Event, the first character of every account to log into the game receives a free gift box containing cool shop items. A new gift box can be obtained daily, so there will be no shortage of fun for all players.

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