Dragon Saga is back in North America

Gravity Interactive has announced Dragon Saga (formally Dragonica Online) will be going into its first open testing phase from October 14, 2010 through October 18, 2010, with a second testing phase to begin later in the month. This will be the fourth title to be added to the WarpPortal.com growing list of free-to-play games.

“We are very excited to be bringing Dragon Saga back…” said Yoshinori Kitamura, Chief Executive Officer of Gravity Interactive, “…and welcoming new members to our WarpPortal community. Because Dragon Saga has been previously launched in North America, the bar has been set pretty high. We are striving to provide the best possible game experience for all Dragon Saga players, new and old. “

Many former Dragonica players (now Dragon Saga players) will be able to access their characters from the beginning of the second phase of testing. These players will also notice that many updates have been added since they last played, including many elements of the “Paris Strikes Back” update, which will include a raised level cap to 70, 4th classes and more…

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