Dragon Saga has launched its new expansion New Origins: Into the Darkness

Dragon Saga has launched today its new expansion “New Origins: Into the Darkness”.

The expansion introduces a new and a whole new race, the Dragonkin, offering to the players the option of playing as a Human or a member of the new race and choosing from one of the four Human classes; Archer, Mage, Thief, and Warrior, or two new Dragonkin classes of Shaman and Twin Fighter.

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Allies are not all this new continent holds as new monsters and other villainous creatures await.

The expansion brings this new features:
  • 2 New Dungeons with 2 new boss monsters.
    • Confront Elga and other boss monsters with the new Raid System that allows up to 8 Players to enter the dungeon together.

  • Pets, which can be used as mounts!

  • All new Trade Chat

  • New Party Member Search System.
    • Display will show the entire registered Fellowship list including the leader ingame name, regional info and number of members.

  • 5 new mission maps and new mission modes.

  • New Item Sets.

  • New BigWheel and Mixboard items.

  • An all new Character select screen.

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