Dragon Nest is going to start its Open Beta Test July 26

Dragon Nest has ended its closed beta testing phase last week.

Nexon is using the data collected during the closed beta to enhance and improve the game, which is set to launch later this summer.

“The closed beta test exceeded our expectations considering the participation levels and the feedback we’ve been getting from players,” said Davy Garaix, Dragon Nest producer at Nexon America. “The data we collected from the players and the responses they are providing via the Dragon Nest forums is proving invaluable as we continue to refine the game and make adjustments to the content and features.”

“One good example of actionable feedback we’ve received so far relates to the empowerment system,” added Garaix. “Players found the system difficult to understand, so we’re making adjustments to improve how the empowerment system is explained to players.”

Here is a sample of what players accomplished during the closed beta test:

· A concerted effort: more than 12,000 players from the United States, Canada and Australia collectively logged nearly 140,000 hours of gameplay during the CBT’s five day duration
· Masses of monsters: adventurers slew a total of 265,873 boss mobs
· Leveling up and feeling the power: players learned a total of 196,430 new skills
· An epic journey unfolds: 467,820 quests were completed by the intrepid beta testers

Beginning July 26, residents of the United States, Canada and Australia will be able to join Dragon Nest’s open beta test




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