Dragomon Hunter introduces us the Dragomon

Aeria Games has released a new video of Dragomon Hunter that shows a small selection of the more than 100 different Dragomons that inhabit the world of Wyveria. In the game we hunt Dragomon with our friends and capture them to become our companions and mounts.

Some of the Dragomon which we can see in the video are:

  • Darkslate Reptilion - This Beastomon is protected by heavy plates of bone and sharp spines. When is attacked uses its massive tail to destroy their enemies.

  • Toxroach - This Insectomon with wings is very fast and at the same time powerful, because their charges can cause a lot of damage.

  • Fungal Croaker - This Hidromon with frog appearance has a colorful mushroom growing on its back; but that is not all, their bites are very dangerous and poisonous, so it is a good idea to keep some distance.

  • Dracofowl - This Drakemon inhabits inside the Viridian Forest and has a beautiful plumage and a bright Ruby in its forehead, which can be used to to dazzle its foes.

Source: Aeria Games Press release.

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