‘Double exp’ bonus week in Flyff

Galanet has announced Flyff’s week-long ‘double exp’ Extravaganza event, which kicked off today and runs through September 28th.The largest and longest EXP event ever run in Flyff, the extravaganza, is coupled with tons of community events and sales on premiums items.
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“You’re all gonna be quite stoked to hear that starting at midnight tonight (09/22/2010) and lasting up until 11:59:59 PM PST of September 28th, 2010, we will be hosting a WEEK LONG 2x Exp Event! It’s pretty self explanatory and if you plan on grinding and taking advantage of it, start prepping now! This little leveling boost should help the lot of you grab some delicious exp and should even help prime some of you hero’s out there for v16 and the new 3rd Job Evolutions!”

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