Digimon Masters releasing its Open Beta the next September 27th

Joymax is releasing the Open Beta for Digimon Masters the next September 27th.

Digimon Masters seamlessly combines the challenge of a pet training simulation with role playing elements to deliver a different kind of gaming experience.

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A game for all players and all ages, Digimon Masters provides a simple interface coupled with an intuitive control scheme that is completely hassle free.

Digimon Masters is based on the Digimon universe, as featured in the anime series Digimon Data Squad, has achieved great success in Korea and is now being brought to the global market by WeMade Entertainment.

Hundreds of Digimon will be available for capture, including PawnChessmon (White), Gabumon, Veemon, Guilmon, and Biyomon alongside many others.

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- Yoshino is the oldest member of the trio, and she often becomes frustrated with the behavior of the younger boys. Her low self-esteem can be crippling, but the journey to accept herself as she simply is has been a long one and is still ongoing. Yoshino's partner, Lalamon who uses the "Nuts Shoot" skill, keeps a very strong relationship with Yoshino and often keeps the peace between Agumon and Gaomon, much like her human counterpart. Yoshino's MP is the highest of the three tamers due to her extended training, so players looking to launch multiple special attacks should select this young lady as their character.

- Marcus is a hotheaded but very strong minded youth. When Marcus was just a young boy he was forced to take the lead role in the family after his father had left for the Digital World to never return. He bonded quickly with his partner, Agumon, who deeply trusts Marcus and thinks of him as a "Soul Brother." This is the trainer with the most strength, so choose him if you want to see big damage numbers.

- Thomas is a young genius, having already graduated university before returning to join the DATS team at the age of fourteen; he and Marcus often argue. His partner Gaomon serves as a voice of caution and the two make an excellent pair. Thomas' biggest strength is his agility in the game, so this partnership will appeal to those who wish to dodge incoming attacks and abilities before launching counter-attacks.

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