Details from the Nightmare Carnival in Forsaken World

The Nightmare Carnival is the new instance of Forsaken world. With rewards including tradable coins, experience, and the opportunity for titles and other prizes, running this instance is well worth the time!

To begin, you need to queue up for this instance through the event window ("U" key). Once a party is assembled for you (or you enter with your own pre-made group), you will be automatically teleported to the starting room of the Nightmare Carnival.

Enter the teleporter once everyone is ready to begin your first challenge. The first challenge room will have you facing up against a long hallway full of poisonous gas. The objective of this room is to simply cross the room without being killed. To defeat this challenge, watch for the roaming blue ring of healing energy. Step into the ring when it's close enough, and follow its movements til you reach the other side.
Remember to accept the rewards for completing this section by speaking to the goblin near the teleporter to the next room!


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The second room will have you playing a game of Simon Says with a goblin director. This part can be tricky, so pay close attention to what the director says, and be sure to follow his instructions! For example, the director may say to do exactly what he says, and to attack the number 2 straw man. Therefore, replicating his actions will result in a success. Another example is if he says to NOT do what he does, and when he tells you to attack the number 2 strawman, you would attack either strawman 1 or 3.
After a few rounds of this involving different party members, you will pass the challenge and gain entrance to room 3. As always, remember to accept your rewards from the goblin before entering the teleporter to the next room!

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Room 3 contains the trickiest challenge yet. In front of you you will see two glowing rings. These rings will serve as weight platforms, upon which you must match the weights shouted out to you by the nearby goblin director. Stonemen count as a weight of 3, regular sized people count as 2, and dwarves count as 1. There will also be a random number of hobgoblins that spawn on the weight platforms as well. These hobgoblins count as a weight of 1.

The objective here will be to match the weight told to you by the director. For example, the director may say "SEVEN!" At this point, you must arrange your party members to create a weight of 7 on both of the rings. You can do this by leaving or killing off excess hobgoblins, and shuffling around your party members to reach the required weight. Successfully completing this challenge 10 times will grant you access to the final room. REMEMBER YOUR REWARDS!

The final room is a free for all challenge. You will be given five minutes after a brief introduction to run around the room you are to gather antique items laying around. The more items you collect, the more rewards you will get! This room also has various titles up for grabs, depending on how well you perform.
Several things that will attempt to hinder your progress in this challenge are fireflies that spawn throughout the room, a roaming director that will stop you from collecting, and even your own party members! You can kill off the fireflies to keep them from interrupting your gathering, evade the director by running away from him, and yell at your party members in all caps for stealing your antiques to knock it off. Any of these strategies will see to it that your rewards are great, and your titles glorious!

After completing the final challenge, turn in all of your antiques to collect your final reward. Teleport out of the dungeon, and you're done! At this point, you can turn in some of your tokens for tradeable currency from the nearby NPC. Or, you can save your tokens to trade in for several great items, including fortification crystals and even pieces of equipment.

As a repeatable instance, the Nightmare Carnival is definitely a great way to get some good experience and money. Run it whenever you can, and you'll find that you'll eventually be really good at playing Simon Says - and more importantly, you'll be able to cross hallways filled with a poisonous gas that kills you within seconds. Have fun!

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