More Details about Elvenar

Elvenar is a city-building Strategy-MMO set in a fantasy world.
More Details about Elvenar


Today we have for you a first glimpse at the gameplay of Elvenar, InnoGames' newest multi-platform city builder, by the hands of Game Designer Timon Glatt and Graphic Artist Oliver Zumstein.

On this video, we get to know the differences between the two playable races, Humans and Elves. Especially on how they differ aesthetically - in the way their cities look and feel. However, gameplay-wise, both have access to similar features in terms of city-building and exploring the multiplayer overworld map.

Visually speaking, Elves live in harmony with nature and incorporate it into their architecture while Humans use nature as construction material instead. This means their buildings feature heaps of stone and metal as the main components.

Check out the video:

About Elvenar:

Elvenar is a Free-to-Play browser-based game, where the player build a flourising city and discover a magical world full of mysteries and adventures.


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