Defiance Releases Aftermath Update


Aftermath, The largest game update since summer comes today to Defiance, featuring new missions following the Defiance Season 2 TV Finale. It carries players cross various locales from Silicon Valley to Paradise as the world teeters on the verge of all-out war between the Earth Republic and Votanis Collective.

The “Aftermath” mission content includes new enemies, pursuits, contracts, and events, as well as updates to the Season 2 co-op and multiplayer experience. View the trailer here:

In celebration of the Thanksgiving holiday, Defiance will also be kicking off its first annual “New Frontier Harvest” festival beginning Wednesday, November 26 and running until Wednesday, December 10. The celebration will feature a new synergy – the armor-destroying Plate Slicer – plus unique weapons, mods, Cornucopia Supply Crates, and unique headgear: The Buckled Capotain.


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