Defiance official launch on April 2nd

Defiance official launch on April 2nd


Defiance, the ambitious and interesting project aiming to create a big living universe through a cross-platform game and a TV show, is going to launch the homonymous open world shooter Defiance on April 2nd on PlayStation3, the Xbox 360 and Windows PC.

In terms of ambition and scope, Defiance’s transmedia features make it unlike any other entertainment experience,” said Nathan Richardsson, Trion’s VP of Development and DefianceExecutive Producer. “After five years of development, it brings great pride to the Trion and Syfy teams seeing Defiance come to fruition.

For those who cannot wait until April 2nd to get a look into life as an Ark Hunter in Defiance, Trion released the full version of their highly-anticipated Defiance live action game trailer titled “Join the Fight” today. 

Source of informations: Trion World press release.

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