Deep Look at WildStar’s Character Customization


Players get the chance to play with character customization in Wildstar, with eight unique looking races there is lots of art work that each individual race and plenty of options to keep people preoccupied whilst designing their ideal character. The actual look of the races range from cute and cuddly to big, heroic, menacing and generally quite bad ass. If the background lore for each race doesn’t entice you to a particular race may be the character options well.

Character customization walks a fine line between the typical scroll and selects predesigned faces, hairstyles, body types, etc. and the more sought-after scroll bar customization where players can have more control over individual facial feature sizes eg. eye size, nose size, and the like. Whilst the options are there they are, at times, so subtle that it’s almost not worth it. Whether this because in some races particular elements have more drastic changes and so it is a sweeping UI for all races we’re not sure, but we do like to be able to make our characters with extremes.


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