DDTank published in North America by Aeria Games

DDTank published in North America by Aeria Games

Aeria Games, has added the hit browser-based game DDTank to its catalogue. DDTank, which is expected to launch in October 2010, is a turn-based artillery game with over-the-top weapons and humorous gameplay, will be published in English for gamers worldwide. Like all of Aeria’s browser-based and downloadable games, DDTank will be free-to-play.

Click image for larger version. Name:	DDT-Wedding-Scene.jpg Views:	1235 Size:	564.1 KB ID:	518Click image for larger version. Name:	DDT-Phoenix-Fire.jpg Views:	903 Size:	639.2 KB ID:	519Click image for larger version. Name:	DDT-Bridge-Battle.jpg Views:	895 Size:	677.1 KB ID:	520Click image for larger version. Name:	DDT-UI-Customization.jpg Views:	901 Size:	789.5 KB ID:	523Click image for larger version. Name:	DDT-HallsLearning.jpg Views:	887 Size:	679.5 KB ID:	522Click image for larger version. Name:	DDT-The-Dragon-Bomb.jpg Views:	887 Size:	805.6 KB ID:	521

The game, which boasts more than 3.5 million unique daily visitors worldwide, will combine its unique brand of explosive action with the high-quality service and support provided by Aeria Games. DDTank’s features include:

• Hilarious and Explosive Combat: Battle one-on-one or in four-player teams, wielding off-color weapons from machine guns and ninja stars to toilet plungers and refrigerators.

• Design Your Own Arsenal: Go to war with crafted weaponry and items, while customizing your tank, appearance, and chatbox for a fully personalized character.

• Love and War: Form teams, leagues, and even get married in-game for husband-and-wife EXP bonuses and perks.

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