Dawn of fantasy has presented its new edition tool: the Scenario Design Editor

Dawn of Fantasy latest beta update has presented the new Scenario Design Editor.

The Dawn of Fantasy editor is a powerful tool that will ship with the game come September 30th, that allows fan designers to craft their own playable scenarios with all the power of the Lua scripting language.

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The editor enables designers to create their own lush environments and craft fully-usable custom walls, stairs, bridges, and towers using the advanced rotation and hover tools, in combination with the editable walk-meshes, to design free-flowing waterfalls and erupting volcanoes, to contrive fully-customizable particle effects, to blend layered terrain paints to fit any need and to create and save design templates that can be loaded into any map.

In addition, the beta now includes a Modding Kit that includes a detailed guide to teach the new scripter how to set up his or her first triggers and a simple cinematic to create the start of a playable scenario.

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