D-Day Event on Call of War

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D-Day Event on Call of War

Today we celebrate a turning point of World War II. The 75th anniversary of D-Day Bytro Labs GmbH and Call of War, when allied forces started the Normandy landing as part of Operation Overlord to free German occupied France with the largest seaborne invasion in history.

To commemorate this special occasion an altered version of our 1944: End Game event will be available, which reflects the situation in Europe on June 6th 1944.

Call of War - 1944 Engame Event: (Anmeldezeitraum: Thursday, June 06th 2019 – Tuesday, June 11th 2019)

It is 1944: the Axis powers are on retreat and the Allies are preparing their final offensive. But the ending of the war is not decided yet... Will the Axis turn the tides of war in a decisive battle? Will Soviets and Allies clash inevitably, turning a looming Cold War into a hot one? In this 3vs3vs3 team scenario you can play as Axis, Soviets or Western Allies and change the course of history!

D-Day Event on Call of War
D-Day Event on Call of War.

For a limited time every player will receive a 30% bonus on all Gold Packs from the Call of War shop. Stock up on your gold reserves now!

Source: Bytro Labs - Call of War

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