Cultures Online has announced a special event, Turbonia Battle of the Giants

For two weeks, Gamigo will open a special server for the North American and European communities of Cultures Online, inviting them to an exclusive competition.

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On the Turbonia server, construction and research progress four times faster than on other servers. The top 100 players in the areas of Building and PvP will also receive an exclusive opportunity to participate actively in the history of Cultures Online.

100 coupons worth € 5 will be distributed among all participants. The battle of the Titans begins March 28, 2012 at 15:00 and will last two weeks.

Here is the list of the prizes:

- First place: an exclusive weapon level 135 and the opportunity to participate writing a main quest.
- Second and third place: an exclusive weapon level 135.
- Fourth and fifth place: a coupon worth € 100.
- From the 6th to 10th place: a coupon worth € 50.
- From 11th to 50th place: a coupon worth € 10.

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