CroNix Online Enters Open Beta


Magics' free to play futuristic MOBA, published by IDC/Games in the western markets, has just become available. From today, July 21st, on, players are able to play CroNix Online, a title that mixes classic MOBA elements with strategic gameplay and nice graphics.

The Open Beta includes a complete localization in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Polish and Czech. In addition, it also comes with the a completely new and intuitive interface, daily missions and an improved matchmaking system, making access to the matches much faster.

Victor Lamas, CEO of Nvia Group and IDC/Games said: “Ever since we found out about CroNix in Korea more than one year ago, we knew it was a game that we wanted to add to our portfolio, due to its quality, originality and the hours of fun it will bring us and to all the fans of action and fighting games.”

Furthermore, a Manner Points system has been implemented in order to sanction inactive players (this won't affect users with connection problems) and prevent the rest of the users from suffering the loss of experience as a consequence.

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