CrimeCraft Bleedout starter kits giveaway

CrimeCraft with F2P is giving away 1500 starter packs.
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The Starter Pack includes:
• 15 Gold Bars - Used to buy premium items and cosmetic changes
• Bleedout Episodic Campaign - Receive access to the first 3 episodes completely free. This content is normally only available to subscribers.
• Powerful 2 Slot Hargan Bulldog Shotgun
• Includes Shotgun Ammo and Trigger Attachment
• V-Dust - Supercharged Serum that can be used in combat to increase weapon damage, accuracy, resistances and hp.

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To get this pack you only have to enter here, download the client and create an account. Login to you account, and click on the “Account” button located at the top of the webpage. Simply enter the Starter Pack code and click “Submit”. The items will be available for withdrawal once the tutorial zone (The Moat) is complete.

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