Content update for S4 League

burda:ic today announced the latest update for S4 League. Dubbed ‘Patch 24,’ this expansion features a brand-new map called ‘Office,’ a new G’s Capsule, never-before-seen costumes and a set of big in-game events that include holiday pets as prizes.

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S4 League’s newest map, Office, gives players the chance to add some excitement to their workday by transforming a normally docile environment into an action-packed battlefield. Players compete as teams to grab the most points, duking it out through corridors and cubicles while proving that hard work can produce deadly results when you’re part of the League.

To go along with the workplace mayhem, burda:ic has introduced a new G’s Capsule for players to collect. This latest enhancement, the G’s Shark Machine Gun Capsule, allows players to modify their existing Submachine Gun so they can look stylish while dispatching opponents.

A slew of new costumes have also been added to players’ closets in this latest update. The new Officer Line and Tamer costume capsules come as permanent items and feature premium AP stats with an EXP bonus, as well as the opportunity to gain the Dual Mastery skill, Coupon Capsules and PEN. Other costume sets that have been introduced include the Modern Suit and Check Shield Suit for boys, as well as the Western Set and Indian Set for the ladies.

Finally, Patch 24 brings five in-game events to S4 League, each running until Dec 8 and offering plenty of prizes to win.

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