Content update for Aika Global

T3Fun releases the first major patch of the year for Aika. Explore the unchartered level 70 zone, Aika Global’s new level cap. Push your limit and explore new monsters to bash, new lands and new items to fight for.

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The new zone, “Termes”
The new zone, Termes is where the Tower of Giovanni, a place for Great Prophets of Lakia, is located. It also serves as a place of magic research and training ground for the novice magicians. M.I.G., the battle unit purely composed of magicians resides across the place and has developed a unique culture and way of living. However, with the recent appearance of Hormah at the middle of Termes, the place has been contaminated. Worse, an army of Cruel Angels has initiated an attack to free the Labyrinthos that it has turned the place into a battle ground. To recover Termes, which serves as a symbol of Lakia, congress has summoned all its forces and the great alters to bring forth a battle of the generation.

The new Monsters
What better way to explore the new maps than to rub elbows with the monsters? The level 60 to 70 monsters live in the contaminated ruined land and are very distinct from the typically monsters seen in-game. Their attack is powerful and any brave fighter may receive unimaginable amount of damage. Adventurers who would like to take the challenge would have to equip strong armors and weapons covered with magic to increase the chances of survival.

Must-have new Items!

In the face of a much more chaotic and deadly battle fields come the new sets of skills for each job class. There are the normal and superior items and new unique weapons that each player can equip their characters with. Upon reaching level 61, players are given 12 stat points followed by 2 stat and skill points in the consecutive levels. New Lvl 65 normal equipment can be made using the Anvil while the Lvl 64 superior equipment can be gained with a certain probability.

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